Meet Reagan

Leader l Speaker l Coach l Expert l Author 


Meet Reagan

Leader l Speaker l Coach l Expert l Author 


It's nice to meet you. I'm Reagan, an international leadership speaker and coach, with proven tactics and insights from over 20 years of experience at Fortune 15 companies, including Amazon and AT&T.

As a true global thought leader, I have delivered keynotes, participated in women’s leadership panels, produced a TEDx talk, and conducted development workshops for thousands of people in more than 20 countries—on six continents.

My "why" for everything I do is to use my words in a meaningful way to help people change their life. 


Leadership is my passion. For over 20 years, I made it my mission to be the kind of leader in Corporate America that others wanted to follow. My best compliment from a former executive employee, “Reagan, I miss your challenging and affirming leadership.” 


I knew I wanted to be a speaker when I was 12 years old. To be able to do this full time is a dream come true. My goal is for audiences to be inspired, have fun, and leave changed.  


I have the privilege of being a trusted advisor and coach to leaders all over the world. Having advanced into global executive leadership over teams of 10,000 people for some the largest companies in the world, I share my practical and proven frameworks to ensure leaders are thriving personally and professionally. 


In 2019, pre-COVID, I researched and wrote the work from home strategy for thousands of employees working from home in Amazon’s Customer Service team. I also led high-performing, highly-engaged global teams for over a decade. I love virtual work and know what it takes first-hand to intentionally lead in the modern work paradigm. 


Writing a book while leading a team of thousands of employees was not easy, but was so rewarding. In this book I give insights from my successful career path, while also keeping it real with mistakes I made and learnings on what “not” to do. 


When I am not working, I am a wife of 20+ years to Jason, a dog-mom to Stanley Pup, Auntie Reagan to all my family and friends' kids, and a die-hard foodie (no seriously, I became a sommelier just so I could find the perfect food/wine pairing).

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