Tips for Networking

Reagan’s Rules for Networking:  Follow Up  

Jan 30, 2024

Mastering the art of networking goes beyond the surface-level details of name tags and handshakes. While those initial impressions matter, the true magic happens in the follow-up. Don’t get caught up in the front-end worries; instead, focus on the back-end brilliance of building genuine connections.  

In the world of networking, the real power lies in the thoughtful email, the timely LinkedIn message, or the heartfelt phone call that follows a memorable encounter. That’s where relationships are nurtured, opportunities are forged, and success finds its roots. So, step into the spotlight with confidence at events, but remember, the real show begins when you make the effort to stay connected and turn those fleeting moments into lasting collaborations.  
Here are some tips on how to follow up after a great networking session from a recent training I conducted for an international company. It was so fun to share these and other tips to empower women to boldly network like never before! 

  • Send a personalized email 
  • Write a note and mail it. 
  • Share a win from their advice. 
  • Ask a follow up question. 
  • Deliver something they asked for. 
  • Set a follow up appointment. 

Reagan’s Rule: Minimize your anxiety with networking by maximizing your follow up.  

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